Monday, 16 December 2013

First draft of Master is complete

Today I'm having a much needed rest after completing the first draft of Master, my latest novel and a prequel to The Line Trilogy. Six months of writing and research, 108,000 words and the first draft has been sent out to the proof readers. I can't describe the feeling of writing those two special words: The End. 
Now comes the hard work of getting this story perfected and raising a little excitement. The release date is now set for 12th January 2014, which is also my birthday. So a double celebration. 
I am a little sad that I did not design my own cover as I have with my other books, but time and co-ordination with my team at this time of year has just now worked out. On the other hand I am delighted to have discovered  Self Published Book Covers and I am very happy with the finished result. 

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