Saturday, 18 October 2014

Never say never and other dilemmas

This morning I have passed the 112,000 word mark on my latest creation and can safely say I've hit the half way point. Yes, you read that right... half way. I'm expecting to reduce this considerably in the editing process, but it's still going to be a big book by the time it's finished.

I set out to write this story way back at the beginning of this year, fully intending to have an August release to coincide with my two year anniversary as a published author. Well, that never happened. I'm a bit disappointed but not beaten. Life is what it is, and as a wife, mother and grandmother we don't expect it to run smoothly all the time. There have been happy events with weddings and a new grandson, and not so happy ones with health issues. Time has definitely not been on my side and this book has become so much more than my initial idea.

Thankfully, I'm not held to a deadline, nor would I want to be. I'm loving this journey with my characters, venturing into new and unexplored territory with my writing as I did with Master. Like Master, I started off having no idea where I was going and allowed my characters to lead me on. So far, it's been quite a ride with an exciting evolution of my storytelling. The research alone has been enormous.

What seems to be emerging is as big a thriller as I've ever attempted. Thrillers remain my all time favourite genre in books and films. I especially love a good spy thriller and often imagined myself in this world of intrigue which stays hidden in the shadows. My only disappointment was that mainstream thrillers tend to build up hot, steamy scenes only to shut the bedroom door in our faces. And I understand this, but I was always one of those readers that wanted to take a peak. I certainly dreamed of writing such a story.

Master was my first attempt of an espionage thriller with the bedroom door held wide open and the reader invited in, but the scales were tipped more toward plot. This next book is a little more balanced, but the plot is far more complex with many extra characters and, I understand, might not appeal to those who like their erotic stories with a simpler plot. If I can win those readers over, I'll be delighted, but I make no apologies. This is how I want to write my story.

So my latest dilemma is a strange one. I have always ranted and raved on that I don't enjoy serials that leave you on a cliffhanger and you have to buy more to get to the end of the story. I always said I would never do that. Never say never. With the sheer size of my book, I've had people advise me to split it, for some very good reasons. Some people shy away from big books. Some people do love a cliffhanger and enjoy going on with something else while they await the next installment. My proofreaders are saying they could be editing the first half and getting that ready for release as I go on with the second half.

One thing I won't do is publish anything until the entire story is written. George R. R. Martin is the only author whose far greater wisdom I will submit to, as he makes me wait for Winds of Winter. You see, there's a good example. He keeps me waiting so I won't be distracted from writing. Good on you, George.

In doing likewise, I could then put the first half out while the second is undergoing editing. That first half would be a full length novel in itself. Hmm.... I don't know, which is why I'm happy to hear your thoughts and ideas if you'd like to comment. Remember, I'm only two years into this publishing thingy and always learning and open to advice. One promise, if I did it, I would keep each part at US$2.99 and there would only be two parts.

Now as I write this, I'm thinking of where I am in this story. My next chapter would end this first part on one pretty good cliffhanger. That's right, I could be one chapter away of sending this off to my proofreaders and getting it ready to publish. Scary. Exciting!

Well, there's my rant for today. I needed that. It's funny how you can become so emotionally caught up with your characters. Knowing what I'm about to do to them... well, it hurts. I'm horrible, but someone has to do it. Such is the lot of the author.


  1. You make me a little bit jittery Catherine... (And I hope that there´ll be a HEA in the end).

    A thriller sounds good to me. I like the ones with the unexpected ending (e.g. in Trophy by Steffen Jacobsen or The Bone Parade by Mark Nykanen).
    I liked the plot of the Line Series. It was wonderful unexpected. Master was very complex, so I think it´s almost impossible to make the plot simple.

    For the cliffhanger... - I hate them. And if the sequel will be as exciting as I think it´ll be, I`ll have sleeples nights until I can put my hands on the next book. ( So... - I´ll suffer and you can be proud of you, because you got me hooked. LOL).

  2. I'm jittery too, Eva. This is quite a challenge, but I'm loving it and working hard to get it to the very best I can. Thank you for your feedback.

    1. Well... Now I´m almost a bit frightened what will come.. - But don´t worry Chatherine. It´s your story, your book and therefore you can`t do something wrong. I think it´s impossible to please everyone and you don´t have to!

      So... to loosen up the tension a bit: Do you know what let me smile about Dylon/Jahn in your books? - That "the old man" seems to need his sleep/his rest, when it went troublesome. Sounds a bit strange, but I liked that on him. Makes him more human. - To lessen my nerviness I´ll now image that he needs a lot of rest/sleep in the next book(s) *wink, wink*.

      ... Everything will be fine Catherine.

  3. I encourage you to release it now, Catherine. As one of your biggest fans, I'd like to read it! I enjoy writing my e-serials and releasing them because the feedback fuels my writing. I also find the comments from readers helpful in the process of writing. There are benefits, especially given the size of your work. Think of it as a mini-serial on television.